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10 Useful Tips On Marketing Mobile App And Get More Users

There are many effective methods to get more users of mobile app. Have you tried several of 10 methods below?


How to market a mobile app and make your app go viral?

Creating a mobile app is not enough, you also need to know how to market your mobile app to get more users. In the field of mobile apps, thousands of new applications are brought up the store every day, the success or failure of a mobile app that virtually decided in the first days after appearing on the store. In the previous blog, we were talking about "Why most of the new mobile app were failures?" by pointing out the mistakes in developing and marketing your mobile app. But how do you go about ensuring that the app you created gets the attention it deserves? How your app get the victory between rival millions in the whole market which are almost 5,000,000 apps and counting (According to Appfigures)? Let’s go through some creative ways that should definitely help you in marketing your mobile app, get more users and make your app go viral.

 1  ASO - App Store Optimization

The first thing when we refer to the marketing of mobile applications is ASO, so "What is ASO?". ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of improving visibility app on the applications store as CH Play (Google) or the Apple App Store. ASO, if this is conducted properly and "correctly", is seen as the most effective method of increasing natural downloads, minimizing the uninstalling rate, and creating nearly the highest of LTV (Lifetime Value).

To raise the display rankings of the mobile app on the application store, as well as increase conversion rates through the search process of the users, the elements should be optimized include: name (title), extra headlines (subtitle-on the Apple Store)/short description (on CH Play), the system of keywords, metadata (description of the application, the name of the Publisher, developer, APK); and additional elements such as icons, screenshots, video description, the app size, features, …

App Store Optimization is absolutely essential to promote your app and make your application stand out in the crowded app market today.

 2  Internal Cross App Promotion

Internal Cross App Promotion is the way that you market a new app on the apps you already own. This method helps save advertising costs, retain potential users, continue to bring value to the users on your new apps.

 3  Take Advantage of Social Networks, especially Facebook

Marketing a new mobile app can be difficult and time-consuming, but also very worthwhile when considering the ultimate benefits it brings. The key point is made customers aware of your new technology and services. It's easy to start by reaching to your existing users through ads on various social media channels, turning them into the first person using the new app.

Nowadays, Facebook has over 1 billion users. An interesting way to say that Facebook is like “Oxygen” for the digital life of millions of people worldwide. The largest global social network is where you can meet potential users through advertising, interact with customers via fan page, and build a users community,... In addition, we also have Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram… They represent many of the markets, many industries about everything you can think of. Try to choose 3 or 4 of the most popular social media and most relevant to promote your app. From there, create a content strategy for each account. This helps your application to be known and widespread. Word of mouth is a powerful weapon in the Marketing strategy of your app. Let’s use these channels to share content and great news about your app.

You can join groups of people who are similar to current customers or customers' ideal friends and share your app with them, explain the benefits of using apps and why they should use your app. If you find a big social network group, contact the admin of the group and asked them to cooperate with you to promote your app. It may be in exchange for money as a paid ad or it could be a referral partner where you pay per download or each new customer. For example, when Sioux released a public transit app for Danang Government and citizens named DanaBus, we've connected with a big community group of Danang City on Facebook which has a large number of followers to introduce the app and create great influence to everyone.

This is an easy way to help you start your released applications story.

 4  Build a Website to Promote Your App

Creating a great website is an effective way of marketing your mobile app. Think about unique ideas and present your products in a way that will attract more users to visit your website. Show your app in action and also relates to a human factor. Tell people how and why they would benefit from using your app. Your website will then act as your best marketing tool. So, if you have an existing website that is fully functional and friendly with the mobile phone, then your site can be one of the biggest assets for promoting your app. In this way or another, all of your customers or anyone interested in your company will find a way to your website. When they do, it is important that they all know you have a mobile app.

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Apart from your site, you should create a blog (linked to your website) - which regularly provides information about your app or valuable content revolves around your application universe. Let's make it really interesting and entertaining. Your articles can be shared across all social media and the destination will be your site, then recognizing your app becomes easier.

 5  KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) - Influencers Sharing

KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who have a certain influence on the opinion, the views of public opinion and users. They can make their followers like what they advertise, and use the products they praise and appreciation.

Currently, the mobile game is one of the apps that mobile app developers collaborate with KOLs most, from shooting commercials, singing, promote on the Fanpage individuals,... to live-stream mobile gaming with celebrities. In addition, these apps towards the audience as children, who want to learn foreign languages, ... also can easily find the appropriate KOLs.

Leveraging the power of influencers can be the best way to drive a mass traffic to your mobile app. To do this you just have to go to some website about KOLs to search a list of influencers involved in your mobile app. You can do a joint venture, where they participate in the promotion of your app for a price or in exchange for something on your end. Also, you can simply ask for a part if the mobile app is relevant and add value to them.

 6  Postings on The Technology Forums

Posting the articles about your mobile app on some technology forum is also a great way to promote your app. But be careful because many forums don't really friendly with the ad post like this. Most forums have a section where you can post your game or apps, so don't deliberately posted the Ad articles - they will remove your post as quickly as possible.

 7  Coverage on The Press

One of the most effective ways to drive users to your app is through the press. Be prepared press releases and communication tools including full information, such as app icons in several sizes, screenshots, and highlights the features, benefits of your app at the start of the run.

In fact, most journalists are pressured by deadlines to have new content and because of that, they do not have time to spend following up or try to find more information about your stories. To ensure you have the best chance to get your story published, you will want to make sure that you have everything that a journalist will need in your PR kit.

According to, A good mobile app PR kit consists of:

A) An App Summary Guide

B) Your Press Release

C) Screenshots (App & Lifestyle)

D) Design Collateral (Icons, Logos, Banners, etc)

E) Videos (Walkthroughs, Intro Video, etc)

F) Founder Bios & Pictures

In addition, a review of your app on the media will help to reach these potential users and help them realize your app’s benefits. You can also connect independent tech bloggers, who can use and recommend your app to their readers. These independent bloggers often leading trends and reviews honestly about the products - of course, your mobile app is no exception. So if you receive positive reviews and get high recommendations for using, it will be valuable as gold and help you attract more users. The many readers they have, you will be more likely to get affected by them.

 8  Create a Promo Video

Video ads on mobile platforms (also known as mobile video ads) are rated as effective advertising solutions; it not only have good conversion rates, brings in high revenue for application development, but also extremely friendly user experience. Having a good promo video is a key element of any mobile app. It is a quick and easy way for someone to understand the most common use cases behind your app and how they can use it. The added benefit of a promotional video is that you can take advantage of video SEO. For example, if people search for "list of the best mobile apps" and your YouTube video title is compatible, your video will show up before the rest of the search results.

 9  Sincerely Respond to All Reviews About Your Mobile App

Comments, whether positive or negative, influence to decide to download and install of other users. In many cases when users have problems, they will leave a negative review on the Application Store, and remove that app immediately. Mobile app developers can appease users through friendly feedbacks and enthusiastic supporting of users' issues. This not only a great way for users to download the app again, but also the way to express goodwill and show up the solving problem methods of the developers to potential users who are reading those reviews. it is important to always respond to negative feedbacks. Always trying to find solutions or ways to improve the flaws and tell your users about it. Be honest and transparent. If your customers are satisfied, they will tell people about it. The same with the opposite case.

Many developers make the mistake of simply leaving a message automatically to all their users. This not only makes them lose a large number of users but make your app ranking score will also significantly reduce with the customers who feel their concerns are not being taken care of.

 10  Organize a Contest

The contest should be part of the marketing strategy because it helps you extend the opportunity to reach customers and convey messages of business quickly. Let organize the creative contest to promote your mobile app. The winner will receive a promo code or some funny gifts from your app. This will encourage people to join in your app, increasing the visibility and enhancing the effectiveness of promoting your app.

Your app should have an online leaderboard so users are always aware of where they stand in the rankings. Set up your contest so users have different ways to climb up the ranks, or by engaging with your brand, share your app or having their friends sign up.

In addition, many users are also willing to share their personal information in order to participate in the contest, great, this allows you to thicken email list marketing while increasing app downloads.

Which ways do you want to use to make your app go viral?

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