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Mobile Application Development in The 4IR

Mobile Application Development in The 4IR

"On The Worldwide Scale, Mobile Is Eating The World."

Mobile is dominating the world as it appears in every aspect of life, including education, business, health, transportation, just to list a few. As an inevitable consequence, the mobile app is developed and launched at an incredibly fast speed to meet the demand of smartphone users across the world.


Obviously, the businesses that make the best use of mobile apps will generate more profits than those that don’t. It comes down to a certain business which doesn’t have enough resource and workforce to be self-innovative to take a further step toward integrating the business process with high technology. 

The difficulty can be addressed by cooperating with mobile app development outsourcing companies. For that reason, Sioux - a highly competent software development center in Danang, Vietnam, is an ideal partner for most businesses in Vietnam and over the world. We provide mobile app development services in various markets. As an expert with many years of experience in developing mobile apps with cross-platform technologies like Xamarin and React Native, we are committed to delivering the best performance to our products. These two options are the overpowering trends in the up-coming technological era.

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Our cross-platform development options (Xamarin and React Native) enable our clients to run on various mobile OS (Android, iOS, and others). It’s cross-platform’s game since top-class apps are all using this kind of technology in their development. Facebook, Instagram or Skype are some of the typical examples of this technology(*). Why? The answer is that it not only cost reduction and time but also enables the client to reach a wider audience. By carrying out these options, the implementation time is reduced. It cannot be denied that time to market, cost-reducing are the factors that most clients care about. As a result, cross-platform is the best option for mobile app development, to adapt to fast-changing markets in this period of the Technological revolution.



Our mobile apps: De Heus mobile app and Amoha mobile app are the two apps built with Xamarin and React Native, respectively. The detailed information of these mobile apps can be found on our Cases Page.

Sioux High Tech Software, this Danang based subsidiary of the Sioux Group from the Netherlands, backed by a much larger company of 750+ employees. It’s safe to say that the formula works, with large clients having used their services: ASML, Philips, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kulicke & Soffa, Canon, Zeiss, Technicolor, DAF, Cisco and Bosch. Xamarin is our strength and our company is working further to develop its appliances. If you are looking for an innovative and effective software solution, you are welcome to ask for consultation from us.

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