3D Measurement Algorithms

The customer’s challenge

A company specialising in non-destructive testing was deadlocked while using ultrasonic waves to test the quality of connections in complex steel constructions. Only the most experienced experts are capable of correctly interpreting the measurements, which renders the measuring system unsuitable for complex systems.

Sioux's contribution

The ultrasonic waves used to take the measurements are many times smaller than the relevant object itself. This means it is extremely hard to create a computer programme that can simulate the expected propagation of the wave within an acceptable computing time. Sioux described the mathematical critical elements behind the propagation and reflections. Thanks to this insight, Sioux was able to implement an algorithm which, on a multi-processor system or graphics processing unit (GPU), can compute a a 3D calculation at lighting speed.


Comparing the measured results with the simulated results allows the interpretation of measurements to be improved. This leads to insight, which allows weak spots in the structure to be identified and localised. Sioux’s Mathware has helped to open new markets, because the measuring system can now also be used in other complex situations.


Simulation of ultra-high frequency wave propagation, Feasibility: 2D/python, Production: 3D GP-GPU implementation

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