Board Computer Taxi

The customer’s challenge

By law, taxis are required to install a new, enhanced Board Computer Taxi (BCT). Quipment has developed an all-in-one solution for the taxi market. During the development phase, some problems surfaced in the embedded development of a display unit and in the extensive functionality of PlusBox.

Sioux's contribution

A variety of devices needed to be connected to an ICNova SAM9G45 processor platform: Camera Driver, Audio Mixer and Codec, Magnetic Stripe card reader and SPI to UART. Sioux took care of developing, testing, integrating and certifying extensive functionality: track & trace, integrated camera for safety, high-quality speech communication and integrated modules like taximeter, datacom and navigation.


The operating system’s complex functions are now easily approachable for the various applications on the BCT. The developed communication system with a secondary Android-based device allows users to view and control various Android applications (PlusBox).


Buildroot (Linux) for display unit, Android for PlusBox, JAVA, C, C++, TCP/IP, IPC, USB, serial port, 3G, GSM/GPRS, GPS, ISO7816 Smart Card, Qt and VNC.

Quipment offers in-car computer solutions for all taxi enterprises, with or without staff and with or without a central back office, for professionals in street cabs or WMO and group transport. Quipment offers client-centric solutions and a strong focus on client service.

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