Controller Platform For Liquid Analysis

The customer’s challenge

Metrohm Applikon needed to develop a new controller platform for their liquid process analysers; the current platform needed to be redesigned due to end-of-life problems with hardware components. The new platform had to be compatible with a range of products and be operational within a very short timeframe.

Sioux's contribution

A Sioux SWAT team, consisting of an experienced embedded architect and a software engineer, worked together with the Metrohm team to define the new platform based on functional and non-functional requirements. The choices made were quickly validated by the software engineer on a commercial prototype board.


Metrohm has shortened their time to market and mitigated technology risks with the help of Sioux. Design choices were validated at a very early stage, and the development of the new platform has quickly come up to speed, thus lowering the risk of delays.


Requirements analysis, C, MicroChip dsPIC33EV256GM006, MPLAB IDE and Saleae logic analyzer.

Metrohm is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm was founded in 1943 by engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau, Switzerland. Metrohm is present in over 80 countries with its own subsidiaries and exclusive distributors.

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