Dynamic Workflow For Electron Microscope

The customer’s challenge

FEI wants to have a dynamic workflow for the electron microscope and flexible image taker for electron microscopy. They also need support in R&D thus Sioux need to act as the R&D department.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux has become a strategic partner working at the core of the systems and taking responsibility for the results. At the location in Eindhoven, there are continuous development projects in varying teams. Sioux’s Development Center in Vietnam and Russia focus on issues such as service software and software maintenance. Sioux developed and built the CryoTEM workflow app for FEI Company and the Flexible Image Taker for FEI electron microscopes.


With valuable information generated for process improvement through feedback via a backend system, the productivity at work is improved.


C# WPF, MVVM pattern, Dynamic Data Display, Spring/Unity, BlueMountain Capital Deedle, Automated Test using Specflow, TCP/IP Connection – VPN Connection, InfoPath, SQL Database, MS Access/Excel Database

FEI Company (Field Electron and Ion Company) is an American company that designs, manufactures, and supports microscope technology.

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