HMI Design & Architecture

The customer’s challenge

One of VDL ETS’ projects has been to create a multiplex HMI platform for the new VDL Bus & Coach product line (initially aimed at hybrid and electric buses) as well for the upcoming e-Truck. For this project, a new software and HMI architecture (including a new UI design) needed to be created, based on a state-of-the-art software development process.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux was asked to provide an on-site support team to provide support for and collaborate with the VDL ETS engineers on their multiplexing and HMI architecture and implement a solid software development process. At the moment, Sioux’s software and system engineers are working on high-level, detailed specifications and model-based software applications. They are using LogiCAD (IEC61131) and CGI-Studio to create the Human Machine Interface (HMI) design specifications and architecture.


During this ongoing process, the first release was launched and implemented in the production versions of VDL Citea’s E-Worker (SLF-E, SLFA-E and LLE-E).


CGI-Studio, LogiCAD (IEC61131), KIBES and VECTOR CANalyser/CANoe.

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