Laser-Induced Subsurface Separation

The customer’s challenge

Under tremendous market pressure, ASM PT needed to engineer its disruptive technology prototype towards commercial release. A One-Point programme was granted. Sioux was asked to help develop the Advanced Laser-Induced Subsurface Separation (ALISS) in collaboration with VDL ETG.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux provided the necessary development and implementation of the control software. Five new mechatronic modules were added to the prototype 12’ control software (Thor). Changes were made in all layers of the Thor architecture (the I/O layer, the System layer and the Control/Application layer): wafer height mapping, recipe parsing and dicing trajectory calculation, contour mapping, wafer alignment using on- and off-axis cameras and laser control application.


A detailed work breakdown and planning were made, after which a dedicated software team flawlessly developed control software for all new modules in accordance with the set budget and time limit, enabling on-time delivery by ASM PT to their launch customer(s).


Computer Vision, Sensor processing, C++, VCL, Python and TCP/IP.

ASM PT is the inventor of laser dicing and the world’s leading provider of laser-dicing systems for the semiconductor industry. The process is based on unique multi-beam laser-dicing technology with very low thermal impact and very high productivity.

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