New Generation Camera Platform

The customer’s challenge

Sensys Gatso wants to radically innovate to achieve a competitive advantage. They do this in a separate ‘skunkworks’ team that builds a completely new platform for a new generation of applications. This platform will integrate with the current range of products and the next generation cameras. To integrate these new technologies, the new cameras needed to consist of modular hardware and software components.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux worked with a small team from Sensys Gatso. The new platform was put together by creating stand-alone applications, each with a dedicated task. Sioux contributed to the architecture, implementation and integration. The project was executed in an Agile manner, with selection of COTS components wherever possible.


Sensys Gatso has achieved results faster with the new way of working and shortened the time to market. A first version of the new platform is now ready for integration and site testing.


Embedded Linux, C++, Gstreamer and Redis.

Sensys Gatso is the leading expert in providing traffic enforcement solutions. They develop, manufacture and market advanced equipment, software and services in order to deliver bespoke solutions. Sensys Gatso is active in red light and speed enforcement, environmental zone enforcement and monitoring dedicated routes.

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