Smart Camera

The customer’s challenge

Sioux wants to develop a project that is able to enhance the office security and promote the internal activities in our company.

Sioux's contribution

Our engineers overcame many technical difficulties to run face recognition in real-time. The algorithms have been developed to achieve maximum accuracy within minimum time. Combining consumer-grade video capturing devices and custom software, a natural way of surveillance can be achieved with the aid of face detection and face recognition. This is the first machine learning project which is the premise for the development of other machine learning projects at our company.


It helps to keep track of presence and user authentication, lock the office automatically when leaving. The database can be used for internal activities purpose.


WPF, Emgu CV, Web service

Sioux has developed “Smart Camera” so that it can be applied to countless use cases, within households, corporations and even the public. The goal of this project is to eliminate the gap between humans and technology.

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