Smart Soup Server

The customer’s challenge

Vendinova’s challenge was to develop an easy-to-use device that keeps their soup in perfect and hygienic conditions using minimum operating labour. As such, the SoupServer had to have e.g. an automatic cleaning process and had to be easy to use for customers, operators, and service engineers alike, using a touch screen-based user interface or remote access. In spite of all of these features, the machine’s cost price still had to be low.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed a Box Build solution incorporating electronics, driver software and part of the application software. This solution takes care of controlling the dispenser, valves, heating and cleaning, reads all of the sensors and connects to e.g. payment terminals, all at a competitive production price. Sioux handles the development and prototyping as well as the production, assembly and testing of these box builds.


Vendinova achieved its objectives by outsourcing the electronic development and part of the software development as a Box Build to Sioux. Despite the extremely tight timeframe, the deadlines were met. The project was carried out concurrently on Sioux’s site and on the customer’s site.


C#, .NET, C, Windows 8, MDB protocol, Binary, eclipse, J-Tag, USB OTG, PID control, predictive maintenance and rotary encoders.

Vendinova produces soup made using fresh ingredients. Vendinova created its SoupServer concept based on the notion of being able to serve hot, fresh soup at any moment during the day.

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