Smartlock Astris Adapter

The customer’s challenge

Alstom is one of the main suppliers of train safety solutions for the Dutch railway infrastructure, managed by ProRail. For safety reasons, working flawlessly with the proprietary ProRail systems is essential. To achieve this, Smartlock configuration files needed to be translated into configuration files for the ASTRIS systems that are currently being rolled out by ProRail.

Sioux's contribution

In close collaboration with the technicians at Alstom, Sioux developed a flexible software product with a translation table that allows the user to generate the requested XML configuration files for the new protocol. The application can be called upon using the command line for use in batch scripts. Sioux continuously maintains the software and adds new features in its own Development Centre.


Alstom has created its own core technology interface with the ProRail system, using the key technology developed by Sioux.


Windows, Java, Eclipse, XM and Agile.

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