Survision Integration

The customer’s challenge

The WPS system offers several ways to identify a parking car, including automatic detection of the license plate. For an upcoming release, support for a new camera model needed to be added. This camera enables faster and better license plate identification. The API for this camera is a C library, whereas the WPS system is implemented entirely in Java. WPS was in need of a quick solution without compromising their main development. They decided to outsource this integration.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed a Java-compatible C library and a Java component integrated with the WPS system. The C library handles low-level communication with the camera and communicates with the Java application through a Java Native Interface layer. The Java component provides a WPS-specific license plate detection interface.


WPS was able to complete a large project on time because of the new functionality offered by the camera integration. The project was finished within the given timeframe, within budget and according to the desired specifications. No bugs have been reported since the system integration’s completion.


C, Java, Java Native Interface, Spring Application Framework, EasyMock and Eclipse.

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