Triplogic Mobile App

The customer’s challenge

As mobile devices are being used more often, Fleetlogic’s customers do not want to be dependent on their computer for checking, validating, and managing their trip registration data anymore.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux is responsible for all of the software-related R&D development for Fleetlogic, like the board computers’ technology roadmap, the telematics platform, the addition of the mobile development strategy and corresponding REST API interfaces. Sioux chose Xamarin 2.0 to develop the mobile applications for Fleetlogic, writing 75% in common (C#) code and 25% in platform-dependent, native iOS and android code. Windows Phones can also be added in the near future with very little effort.


The mobile application is perceived as a high-quality, easy-to-use product without defects. With respect to native development on three platforms, this strategy reduces the effort needed by 50%.


Xamarin 2.0, iOS, Android, C#, REST, OAUTH v2, MS SQL, TICS and Nunit.

Fleetlogic is the Dutch market leader in vehicle telematics systems, with over 75,000 connected vehicles. Fleetlogic offers services like trip registration, fiscal services, fleet management, identification, track and trace, hour management and driving style analyse

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