Vehicle Health Tracking

The customer’s challenge

To be able to access all vehicle data directly from within the car, Fleetlogic developed a new board computer that is capable of connecting to CAN bus systems in cars. Using this new board computer, Fleetlogic wants to expand on its existing services with vehicle health analysis.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux is responsible for all of the software-related R&D development for Fleetlogic, like the board computers’ technology roadmap, the telematics platform and the mobile applications. Sioux wrote the board computer software and is responsible for the addition of storing and reporting CAN bus data to the telematics platform. Sioux also took care of the development of the mobile application that presents all vehicle and trip data to the end customer. For the project’s most critical components, Sioux used model-driven development.


Sioux finalised the new board computer software, the development of the telematics platform additions and the mobile applications for Android and iOS, enabling end customers to very easily and reliably analyse the health of their vehicle(s).


C#, .NET, C, ASD suite, MS-SQL, Xamarin 2.0, iOS, Android, REST, OAUTH v2, TICS, Nunit, SSL, IIS, GPRS/SMS, CAN bus and GPS.

Fleetlogic is the Dutch market leader in vehicle telematics systems, with over 75,000 connected vehicles. Fleetlogic offers services like trip registration, fiscal services, fleet management, identification, track and trace, hour management and driving style analyses.

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