Sioux supports the international automotive industry in developing and building intelligent in- and off-vehicle technology.


Automatic driving, the connected car, safety, mobility and maintenance Sioux has a thorough knowledge of the critical processes in the automotive industry. This is in line with the growing demand for contemporary, future-proof hardware and software systems for vehicles and the use of them. This is how we help customers to improve their products, speed up their time to market and reduce costs. IoT is a key factor to realise the smart city with completely new earnings models. For this purpose, real-time data must be collected and converted to information. This information is made available by backoffice applications for operators, OEMs, T1 suppliers, transport authorities and passengers. Nowhere is this specific combination of domain and software expertise as high as Sioux.

Mario Marchi, CEO of Marchi Mobile Group

‘Sioux perfectly senses our needs and optimally responds to them.’



Sioux is responsible for all of the software-related R&D development for Fleetlogic, like the board computers’ technology roadmap, the telematics platform, the addition of the mobile development strategy and corresponding REST API interfaces. Sioux chose Xamarin 2.0 to develop the mobile applications for Fleetlogic, writing 75% in common (C#) code and 25% in platform-dependent, native iOS and android code. Windows Phones can also be added in the near future with very little effort.


Sioux was responsible for the development of the body controller and the instrument panel, which needed to meet all of the class-leading and specific criteria set down by TVR and Gordon Murray. Sioux also took care of the software applications for both components, the implementation, testing and the vehicle’s entire wiring harness.


A variety of devices needed to be connected to an ICNova SAM9G45 processor platform: Camera Driver, Audio Mixer and Codec, Magnetic Stripe card reader and SPI to UART. Sioux took care of developing, testing, integrating and certifying extensive functionality: track & trace, integrated camera for safety, high-quality speech communication and integrated modules like taximeter, datacom, and navigation.