Image & Printing

We take care of realising high-quality competitive systems and products for the machine manufacturers in the image & printing sector.

Image & Printing

Precision and reliability are crucial Sioux is an innovative technology partner for OEMs in the image & printing sector. We support them in the design of intelligent software, data processing systems, prototype building and assembly of high-quality modules and machines. We strengthen their competitiveness through our strong focus on quality, development speed and cost-effectiveness. As a multidisciplinary first-line supplier, we know their knowledge domains through and through.

Image & Printing
Emile Asselberg, CEO Phenom-World

‘Sioux gave us an important push to the top of our market segment.’



Sioux translated the practical problem to a numerical model and revealed the underlying issue. By cleverly combining mesh techniques and open source software for the modeling and animation of 3D computer graphics, we were able to display any 3D shape on 2D film so that it can be laminated, without creases, in the desired 3D shape.