A Remarkable June of Sioux


Do you know how we connect people at Sioux? Each month, we carry out a company meeting named “Pizza Day”. It’s time to turn off the computer, switch gears mentally, and enjoy tasty pizza slices with cool beverages.

However, it’s not just a day for eating and drinking. It’s a day to stick our members together. On this occasion, we were happy to celebrate our members’ birthdays in June. It’s the first birthday at Sioux for some people but the second and plus for the rest. They were all delighted and we were also glad as they have stayed and enjoyed many birthday cakes with us through these years.

Such a big June as we have many work anniversaries to celebrate at Sioux. This June is a meaningful month for 6 members of our company. A huge thanks to those amazing people for their dedicated contribution.

Another special 6 is the 6 year-work-anniversary of Mr. Huy Nguyen – the Managing Director of Sioux High Tech Software. We’re so proud to have him as the manager, the leader and the dedicated colleague companying with us through these years. He has put in thousands and thousands of help to make Sioux in Danang get this far today. What an incredible milestone and we just wish to say: Thank you – the man who is exceptionally excellent and abundantly valued - for your amazing efforts and contribution.

What's more, our new employees will have a presentation to talk about their lives and hobbies to let others know, thus people get to know each other easily. 

We had so much fun with team building game at Sioux's Pizza Day. It has brought people closer together and got people more engaged. Click here to see how great our engineers deal with this exciting game!