Feedback Danang app - Danang development in the fourth industrial revolution


You are a citizen of Danang or a visitor. You want to submit a proposal or make a suggestion for a certain problem to the city government. But the registration procedure is too complicated? Then Feedback Danang app is a quick-fix solution to your problem!

What is “Feedback Danang” application?

The Feedback Danang application is the mobile version of portal, which allows Danang citizens and visitors to easily submit their comments, opinion with illustrative images and videos to the city government so that the city’s problems could be addressed promptly.



What can Feedback Danang” application do?
> The feedback information is arranged in detail and clarity in different categories

After downloading the Feedback Danang application from the iOS or Android app store, the main homepage is covered by the solved or unsolved problems so that people easily follow.

Especially, this information is arranged in details such as Land - Construction, Goods - Services, Urban Infrastructure, Security, Traffic Safety, Environment - Food safety and so on. Furthermore, users can also sort the information in the application by time, interest, comment or keywords.


> Users can use Facebook or Google+ to sign in and make a comment.

With the app, users can log in and conveniently drop a comment through their Gmail or Facebook accounts. At the same time, the app will be notified when this comment is processed. If the content of those comments, opinion or suggestions provide effective solutions to the problem, the writer will be rewarded by Danang government.

In addition, users can comment, rate the results, and share feedback with their friends via social networks (Facebook, Google+) without worry about disclosure of personal information.

Regarding the competent agencies and units, after receiving feedback and comments, will check and reply within 7 days. The information processing is carried out professionally to do not miss any feedback. The Authority of Danang has organized a separate unit responsible for receiving, coordinating and urging the authorities to quickly handle and respond to the citizens.

Feedback Danang app - A must application for Danang citizens and visitors.

> Friendly interface for users to make comments or suggestion to Danang Government.

> Convenient and easy to use with Gmail and Facebook accounts.

> Publicity and transparency in comments and feedback.

> Security of personal information.

> Reward for effective suggestions to the problem.

> Easy to follow and evaluate the result of problems.

The Feedback Danang app is now one of the most effective factors contributing to Danang City development and modernization. At the same time, the quality of people’s life is improved, the connection between people and authorities is also strengthened.

Especially, this app is the first non-profit project that Sioux High Tech Software Vietnam Ltd. would like to develop for Danang. It is created as an effective bridge between the city government and people to make Danang more and more worth living.

How to get Feedback Danang” application?

Feedback Danang app is now available for both Android and iOS version.

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