Human Anatomy on HoloLens Demo


“Human Anatomy on HoloLens” application which is developed by Sioux Vietnam following the requirement of a startup company in Australia, can change the ways of learning human body by the interactive way. 



Using this app, viewers can walk around a holographic human body standing in the middle of the room with its arms spread out. The body does not have skin, allowing viewers to see the muscles, heart, lungs, kidneys and so on. Step in a little closer and viewers can see the bones and organs underneath, depending on how close they move to the body using footsteps.



“This project was completed in one month by using .NET, UWP, and Unity3D. We think that this app displays the future of the HoloLens in a practical and educational sense. It’s could change the way we teach anatomy and our understanding of the human body as we help to prepare the next generation of doctors.” said Tu Nguyen, Software Engineer of Sioux.



At Sioux, we always challenge our engineers with new technology projects to create great products for better life.

Watch the demo video of "Human Anatomy on HoloLens" on YOUTUBE