International Women's Day At Sioux High Tech Software 2019

International Women's Day at Sioux High Tech Software 

"People" is one of the core values of Sioux and thus, Celebrative Culture becomes our way to say cheers to our People. Last year, we celebrated the Women's day by singing, decorating our office with colorful balloons, giving our women sweet cakes and lovely flowers and it was a great success.

This year, together with the transformation of Sioux Asia, we wanted to honor our women by a next level event at our office. We celebrated the women in our everyday lives with some more exclusive gifts.

Busy and independent women sometimes might not have enough time to look after themselves. This was the main motivation for us to organize a beauty salon offering nail art and nail gel services for our ladies.


By offering a platform to talk about their career’s stories, we’ve put some of
the incredible women in our company in the spotlight, to high lighten their
outstanding work. It was also a chance for us to understand our powerful females and get inspired by their sincere stories. The speeches also focused on advice on personal development paths of women in tech.


Empowering messages board is where we show appreciation for women’s contribution by writing down lovely messages.


One of the most exciting parts of the event was Sweetioux Pub with Sioux High Tech Software’s men as bartenders!

The event lasted for the whole day with funny, interactive and creative activities,



See full pictures at: Sioux High Tech Software

From all of us at Sioux Asia,

Happy International Women's Day!