Managing Director of Sioux High Tech Software Ltd at 2018 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting


The CDIO Initiative is known as an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. The framework provides students with an education stressing engineering fundamentals set in the context of Conceiving - Designing - Implementing - Operating (CDIO) real-world systems and products. Throughout the world, CDIO Initiative collaborators have adopted CDIO as the framework of their curricular planning and outcome-based assessment. CDIO is a new initiative for education, a system of methods and ways of collecting knowledge, skills in training students in order to respond requirements of business and society.



Due to its advantages, 2018 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting was held at the Novotel Danang Premier Han River, Danang, Vietnam by Duy Tan University from March 12 till 14, 2018. Nearly 200 delegates from 55 domestic and foreign universities are participating in the 2018 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting to boost cooperation in technical training.

Sioux's Managing Director in Danang, Huy Nguyen was honored to have the opportunity sharing his CDIO approach as well as engineering education practices to the participants.



At 2018 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting, Sioux Managing Director made his speech with the topic “Student Involvement in Making Smarter Cities”. 

“Smart cities are no longer the wave of the future. There are more and more communities getting integrated with technology innovation. As a result, those innovations have brought positive impacts to boost economic growth, efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life. A university is very much a part of the city it is in and its thousand students can play an important role to contribute to making smart and even smarter cities. This talk outlines a variety of opportunities the students can make this happen, in which the universities act as a bridge between the students and the cities”.



The conference was a success and a remarkable CDIO experience. It’s Sioux’s pleasure to have the chance of contributing to this prestigious conference. 

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