Partnership between Sioux and VNUK – Institute For Research & Executive Education


On Thursday, May 18, 2017, Sioux signed a new MOU with VNUK – the first international university established solely due to a bilateral agreement between the governments of Vietnam and the UK; in partnership with the ‘Vietnam-UK Network’. VNUK is a model of an international standard university, pioneering in reforming higher education in Vietnam.

 Mr. Huy Nguyen (General Manager, Sioux Vietnam) was present for the signing, alongside his Sioux colleagues. Our partnership with VNUK will allow students from VNUK to take our internship program at Sioux. On behalf of Sioux, Mr. Huy wants to help students to develop their career path as well as create opportunities for young people in our company.


Mr. Huy Nguyen with Dr. Huong Nguyen - VNUK shaking hands, after the signing of the MOU

Definitely, this is a great chance for students to have professional hands-on experiences to improve their academic knowledge. Students from VNUK could potentially take internships with Sioux in software development, human resource, marketing, accounting, and finance. Also, this partnership will bring more events, seminars and training opportunities for the wider community in Danang.


Mr. Huy Nguyen and Dr. Huong Nguyen signing the MOU

Sioux believes in the high-quality students of VNUK and hopefully, we can join hands to support young talents to make a positive impact on technology community in Danang.


Mr. Huy Nguyen interacting with VNUK's students

Mr. Huy Nguyen received flowers and gift from VNUK