Sioux Onsite trip Q1.2018


In the first quarter of 2018, Sioux has provided two onsite opportunities for the employees of Danang Development Center going to work in the Netherlands. These are regular opportunities which Sioux supports for the employees to have the chance for further training.

On the onsite trips, Sioux team will meet and work at Sioux's customer office– those most famous market leaders in Home control application and Lithography for high-end chips area. Thanks to this opportunity, Sioux team can further shape their skills through learning and training with professional experts. This occasion is considered to be the best way to broaden their horizons in both work and life experiences.


Two of Sioux their teams were on the move. One team visited Seoul, Korea, while another team stretched their legs in the city center of Singapore. All of them had an amazing time there before continuing their journey on the way to Eindhoven. Both teams got to the Netherlands safely. All received a warm welcome from the Dutch Sioux members. The big surprise was, the team had a chance to visit Milan, Italy for an action-packed sightseeing trip. There was also a football match between team Sioux Danang and team Sioux Eindhoven, adding to the excitement.

At Sioux, we are focused to value people and we make sure employees are receiving the best work conditions. Sioux believes with the right support, its employees will grow to great heights.