Sioux Technologies Expands To Germany With The Acquisition Of 4 Plus

Sioux Technologies has added the German medical technology company 4 plus GmbH (located in Erlangen), to the Sioux Group. With the addition of 4 Plus, Sioux gains access to an interesting German network in the medical world and the expansion of her knowledge and expertise in the field of medical high-tech.

 Arnoud de Geus, director of new business development at Sioux: "4 Plus has a huge innovation potential and has a lot of experience in the field of medical technology. At the same time 4 Plus, like us, values a corporate culture in which people are central. It is a perfect match."

 4 Plus gains access to new technical skills and wide-ranging projects by joining forces with Sioux. Karl Kapp and Tibor Takács, Directors 4 Plus: "Existing customers now have access to more experience and expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, mathematics and mechatronics, in addition to the familiar core competences - hardware and software development - where 4 Plus has been exceeding in for 20 years."

Karl Kapp, Tibor Takács and Arnoud de Geus will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the German Sioux company, who will now be proclaimed Sioux 4 Plus after the acquisition. 4 Plus employs more than fifty highly qualified engineers who work for clients such as Siemens, Dürr Dental and Thermo Fisher.


Tibor Takács, Arnoud de Geus and Karl Kapp (from left to right)

About 4 Plus GmbH

Over a period of 20 years, 4 Plus has built up rich expertise in a wide range of projects for customers operating in medical technology. With more than 50 highly qualified engineers, 4 Plus supports customers such as Siemens, WaveLight, Dürr Dental, GME, Thermo Fisher and other large medium-sized companies.

 The company focuses on the development of complex medical devices, embedded systems and PC applications up to client-server applications. In addition to hardware and software development, 4 Plus GmbH also provides software testing and test automation and small batch production of IT components. 4 Plus also takes care for the installation of the medical equipment all over the world.