Supervisory board

Maarten Steinbuch

Professor Maarten Steinbuch is a professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology and expert in high tech systems. He is involved in research into robots for the healthcare industry and industry. He also works on electric transport, self-propelled automotive and nuclear fusion. Maarten is also an enthusiastic divider of his knowledge. He is a widely asked speaker in innovation, for both business and youth.

Henk Tappel

Henk Tappel has more than 30 years of experience in the high tech industry and has worked for Philips (later FEI Company) in the past. Henk was until recently managing director of system supplier Frencken Europe and now plays the role of general director at Bronkhorst High-Tech.

Marc de Jong

Marc de Jong has built up a broad experience as an entrepreneur, CEO and adviser at various high-tech companies in Brainport. For example, he worked as a CEO at Philips and as a consultant for Phenom-World and TU Eindhoven. Marc currently plays the role of CEO at LM Wind Power. Here he is engaged in technological innovations in the field of sustainable wind energy.