Accurate Positioning

Highly accurate positioning with practical hardware, software and mathware solutions.

Accurate Positioning

Accurate positioning is essential for success. Sioux stands out as a technology partner with a substantial knowledge and experience in the development, construction and integration of modules and systems where advanced control technology makes the difference. In doing so, we help OEMs to perform better in their international markets. Sioux has the necessary domain and technical knowledge for converting complex issues in the field of accurate positioning to appropriate solutions. To achieve this, we use advanced tools within a model-based approach. During the modeling, we take on all aspects that play a role, such as mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We know which actuator principles apply to which positioning issues, and sometimes we combine them. In addition, Sioux knows what measurement systems are available in the market and we have solutions for ultrasound processing of sensor data (including image information). In this manner we can maximise the dynamics of motion, together with fast computing devices and advanced control technology algorithms.

Accurate Positioning
Joep Stokkermans, R&D Manager ITEC, part of Nexperia.

‘Sioux is a global player in the efficient and fast development of an innovative solution for the rapidly indexed positioning of flexible substrate.’



With our knowledge of mathematics and multiphysics, Sioux created insight into dynamic thermal effects. Based on this insight, Sioux developed a model that calculates how the machine should be fine-tuned within an interval of 12 milliseconds. This way, deviations in products as a result of temperature increases in the machine during production are continually corrected seamlessly.


Sioux provided the necessary development and implementation of the control software. Five new mechatronic modules were added to the prototype 12’ control software (Thor). Changes were made in all layers of the Thor architecture (the I/O layer, the System layer and the Control/Application layer): wafer height mapping, recipe parsing and dicing trajectory calculation, contour mapping, wafer alignment using on- and off-axis cameras and laser control application.


Lithography for advanced packaging is different from lithography for front end wafer processing. The requirements involved are special and varying. The resist films range from thin to thick. Kulicke & Soffa developed the Liteq 500, a wafer stepper that is flexible and can effectively deal with all these variations and specific needs.