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In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, mobile applications are now playing an essential part in human life as the ever-growing popularity of mobile users. Sioux – as an expert in mobile development apps, we provide superior competitive advantages for Businesses. To meet the demand of the customers, mobile apps developed by Sioux are all user-friendly, catchy, secured and fast. We take care of everything in detail to make sure your customers have the best experience with your brand.

How can Sioux’s apps help to improve customer engagement? And why are Sioux’s apps outstanding and visible to customers all the times?

Here you can take a look at two apps that we provide to both users and businesses.

Huy Nguyen, Managing Director of Sioux High Tech Software Ltd.,

‘We highly committed to deliver the BEST PERFORMANCE to our customers. We can make your business run SMARTER.’


City Bus

City bus is a bus assistant application. The unique selling point (USP) of City bus is the way users can track their bus in real time accurately according to the distance and the time vehicle at the bus station. City Bus application helps users choose the right bus, take the faster route at the most accurate time. The notification when the bus near the station will help users reduce the waiting time, take the initiative in all of their work. DanaBus is one of the bus tracking apps that Sioux developed for Danang city. Using Xamarin to develop the app for iOS and Android with both English and Vietnamese language to approach more people. This app is one of the highly recommended apps for visitors when they visit Danang city.


S-farm is a mobile application aiming to bring great experience to your customers. It’s not only the product showcase but also the effective communication channel to your customers. On S-farm, it broadcasts your company news; shares products and market knowledge; provides FQA and 1-1 customer service channel. As all of Sioux’s apps, S-farm is easy to install and use with a catchy interface. It can be fully customized based on your specific business needs as well.