Customizable Products

Make your business run SMARTER

Customizable Products

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, mobile applications are now playing an essential part in human life as the ever-growing popularity of mobile users. Sioux – as an expert in mobile development apps, we provide superior competitive advantages for Businesses. To meet the demand of the customers, mobile apps developed by Sioux are all user-friendly, catchy, secured and fast. We take care of everything in detail to make sure your customers have the best experience with your brand.

Customizable Products
Khoa Nguyen, Senior Project Manager of Sioux High Tech Software Ltd.,

‘We highly committed to deliver the BEST PERFORMANCE to our customers. We can make your business run SMARTER.’



Sioux has developed the app for both iOS and Android version with English and Vietnamese. After two months of progression, Sioux has released a public transit app for Danang Government and citizens, successfully create a smart mobile app. To support the local government, Sioux held a training session to fully transmit the installation environment and source code compilation of the app.


The client aims at bringing great experience and product showcases to their customers. Moreover, they also want to broadcast their news, share agricultural knowledge, and improving the engagement of the customers. Sioux provides a premium quality mobile app which is easy to install and use, secure and fast. In addition, it’s a catchy and user-friendly interface that can be customized based on a specific business needs.


The problem of most hospitality properties is the enormous quantity of the daily tasks. Without the right tools, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget important tasks. The customer needs a mobile app that offers a solution for the managers to manage daily tasks of their staff. S-Hotel meets the demand of the customer as it helps monitor employees’ tasks as well as keeps team projects on track and updated.