Electronic Systems

Innovative electronic systems for state-of-the-art high-tech modules, systems and machines.

Electronic Systems

High quality electronic systems Sioux develops and builds innovative electronic systems (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) and Box Build Solutions (electronic systems in a housing with other components). In doing so, we focus on smart design and efficiency in purchasing and supply chain management. This way we help customers speed up innovation, improve product performance and reduce overall costs. Sioux is ISO9001 / ISO13485 (Medical) Certified for Development & Production. We take responsibility for the whole project: from first idea to development and delivery of serial products.

Electronic Systems
Emile Asselberg, Director Phenom World

‘Sioux gave us a firm push to the top of our market. ’



Sioux designed and developed the PCB for the MU and the ICU. Before and during development, Sioux advised on EMC issues and proposed several improvements to increase testability and reliability. Sioux lowered production costs by developing only one board suitable for controlling both the MU and the ICU. Furthermore, Sioux developed the real-time microcontroller software running on the boards as well as producing, testing, and delivering the boards.


Sioux acted as a main contractor; mechanical, optical, software, electronic and firmware design were performed in-house. The transformation of the (outsourced) industrial design into a series of producible components, was accomplished by Sioux. SA number of concept changes were implemented to realize the CoG targets. During the (clinical) test phases, PamGene also received support from Sioux.


Sioux developed the complete test rig. This includes the mechanical, electrical, and software/PLC design Sioux also took care of the realization, verification, transport, and installation of the complete test rig including safety certification. The project was executed as a turn key project in an extremely short time frame.


Sioux was responsible for the total optical, mechanical, electronic and firmware design and realization of the sensor. Sioux also handled the integration and testing of the sensor. After the prototype phase, Sioux provided Pentair Haffmans with support for embedding the In-line Turbidity Meter in their production and qualification processes.