Optical Metrology

Sioux develops, builds and integrates optical metrology modules.

Optical Metrology

Combining high-quality optical components with smart software and mathware. We distinguish ourselves because we are a valuable technology partner for companies, specifically where the combination of illumination, projection, light path, image acquisition and image processing is essential for e.g. accurate positioning. This helps clients to perform better in their international markets. Where the performance requirements for precise positioning by high-tech modules are increasingly being advanced (e.g. to lower critical dimensions and repeatability), mechanical solutions are often insufficient or too expensive. Combining high-quality optical components with smart software and mathware for calibration and process measurements is crucial for the latest micro or nano meters accuracy of e.g. printing and positioning systems. Sioux has unique knowledge and experience in this area.

Optical Metrology
Joep Stokkermans, R&D Manager ITEC, and part of Nexperia (formerly NXP).

‘Sioux is a global player in developing an innovative solutions for the very fast indexed positioning of flexible substrate’



Sioux developed the complete metrology module for the backend stepper of Liteq. The system includes wafer (pre) alignment, reticle (pre) alignment, level sensor and focus sensor. For the alignment sensors, markers are used, in combination with image acquisition and image processing. For the level sensor, an LED light path is used, in combination with triangulation methods. For the focus sensor, a light diode with 10 KHz is sampled in the focus field to determine the optimum. Through this optical metrology, a critical dimension of < 2 micrometres and an overlay of < 500 nanometres is realised.